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BCCC Season Disruption Refund Policy

While we all hope that the 2020-21 cricket season manages to be completed in full, there is the possibility of a Covid disruption. New Zealand Cricket and Auckland Cricket guidelines state that no cricket can be played at alert levels 2.5 and above.

Due to all the potential situations that could arise, BCCC, in conjunction with Auckland Cricket, has come up with the following refund policy.

If more than 50% of the originally scheduled games are cancelled due to Covid then BCCC will refund 50% of the season fee. If fewer than 50% of games are cancelled due to Covid then there will be no fees refund.

The reasoning behind this policy is that BCCC has numerous fixed administration costs that we have to pay regardless of the number of games played.

We appreciate your support during what could be a potentially disruptive season.

If you have any questions, please contact our Chair, Andrew Gale, at


BCCC Board


Any general queries please call club manager Akash Christian on 480 5920 or 022 394 9579 or email

Superstar cricket – ages Year 1 to Year 4 at school (played with a softball) Games are played on Friday evenings.  Full season November to March. Option of half-season. Register now …

Boys and Girls Junior Cricket Year 5,6 and 7 – played with hardball, full season October to March. The cricket games are played on Saturday morning.

Boys and Girls Junior Cricket Year 8 – played with hardball, half-season October to December (then players head to college in February).

Youth Cricket – social or competitive, T20 or One Day, for those not playing for their colleges (or both if the timing of games is right). 

Senior Cricket – social or competitive, one-day or two-day or T20. Call Akash on 4805920 or Damian Hagoort on 021 065 6460

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