Year 8 Green, Year 8 Gold: Season Wrap 2014-15


YEAR 8 GOLD: Rear: Jason Bhana, Andrew Gale (coach), Josh McSherry. Front: Ethan Ingley, Max Osbourne, Daniel Shoebridge, Oliver Mackessack. Absent: Kairo McIver, Chevin Cox PHOTO: NORTHSTAR


YEAR 8 GREEN: Rear: Chris Raven, Finn Buick Middle: Alec Bennie, Andrew Gale (coach), Adam McQuaid. Front: Tarun Nambiar, Chris Gibbs, Blake Holloway, Josh Holloway, Ewan Bennie. PHOTO: NORTHSTAR

Two Year 8 teams, Year 8 Green and Year 8 Gold, played for the club in the pre-Christmas competition. The Year 8 sides play half a season then head off to college to play for their schools (although in other years some do play in a club Year 9/10 competition depending on their school, and numbers.)

Coach: Andrew Gale

It was a pleasure again to coach two teams for the Year 8 half season. I’ve enjoyed coaching these two teams for two years, they’re a good bunch of boys and I’m glad that have enjoyed their cricket and have continued playing at high school.
– Andrew Gale

Awards for the Yr 8 Green team (half season):
Best Batsman – Daniel Shoebridge 126 runs
Best Bowler – Chevin Cox 7 wickets
Best Allrounder – Oliver MacKessack

Corey Anderson Award for Best Debut Season – Kairo McIver
Trent Boult Award for Best Swing Bowler – Max Osbourne
Tim Southee Award for Best Line and Length Bowler – Ethan Ingley
Brendon McCullum Award for Most Positive Attitude – Jason Bhana
Kane Williamson Award for Steadying the Ship – Josh McSherry

Yr 8 Gold team (half season)
Best Batsman – Alec Bennie
Best Bowler – Josh Holloway
Best Allrounder – Finn Buick

Grant Elliott Award for Most Reliable – Ewan Bennie
Martin Guptill Award for Best Looking Batsman – Blake Holloway
Luke Ronchi Award for Best Attitude – Tarun Nambir
Adam Milne Award for Best First Change Bowler – Adam McQuaid
Trent Boult Award for Most Improved – Chris Raven
Brendon McCullum Award for Most Positive Attitude – Chris Gibbs

Selected for North Harbour: Alec Bennie


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