BCCC midgets 1992-93

Team photos Thursday February 23

Imagine if you had to have your team photo taken in black and white like these midget cricketers did in 1992-1993 (does anyone know who they all are by the way?)

Anyway …. times have changed and not only are we colour, we’re digital!

So this week it’s time to get your Superstar and Junior faces into a team photo … please be there in your BCCC uniform looking sparkling on Thursday February 23.

Please move into your teams quickly and listen to the photographer… the sooner it’s done, the sooner you’re out of there!

Team Photos for the Superstar Cricketers
Thur 23rd February 4.00pm – 5.00pm
Tigers                          4.00pm
Cougars                       4:05pm
Panthers                      4:10pm
Jaguars                         4:15pm
Lions                            4:20pm
Leopards                      4:25pm
Firebirds                      4:30pm
Aces                              4:35pm
Volts                             4:40pm
Stags                             4:45pm
Knights                        4:50pm
Wizards                       4:55pm

Team Photos for Juniors
Thur 23rd February 5.00pm – 6.00pm

Y5 Vipers                    5.00pm
Y5 Cobras                    5.05pm
Y5 Pythons                  5.10pm
Y6 Vikings                   5.15pm
Y7 Tulloch                  5.20pm
Y7 Curtling                 5.25pm
Y8 Pacers                     5.30pm
Y8 TBC Warriors        5.35pm
Y8 Strikers                   5.40pm
U14 Dragons               5.45pm