Juniors take two Auckland titles and celebrate many successes

On the far side, by the pool table and the food, sat the cool dudes, feigning disinterest but secretly keen for an accolade or two. The pre-Christmas Year 8 side were big college kids now and didn’t quite fit on the floor with the other juniors. At another age and and in another location in the clubrooms were a few of the T20 Year 9/10s. A few of them turned up and hung round outside on the deck, listening for any mention of their name, probably pretty proud they had won a blue sash in their competition.

And in between those two groups at opposite sides of the clubrooms, sat the players for whom cool didn’t matter too much yet. They just love their cricket and it was a good chance to catch up with their team mates. Sitting cross-legged and proudest of all were the champion BCCC Dragons, the Under 12 girls, who won their Auckland competition convincingly to earn the club another blue sash from the ACA.

But everyone had their victories. From the not-outs to the best bowling figures, to actually learning to bowl line and length, no player hadn’t had success of some sort. One coach told the story of getting one of his players to bowl line and length. It was his mother who cracked the reason for her son’s waywardness with the ball. She noticed that if he actually stared at the wickets during backyard cricket at home, he often hit them. They took that instruction to the game, and success began.

Another young girl who had been playing in the year 7 boys team was identified by the coach as the one the boys most feared to face, such was her pace. She’ll make the move into women’s cricket next year. (Be nice if we could have a women’s team again wouldn’t it…)

The club had 7 junior teams pre-Xmas, two year 5s (Curtling and Tulloch, the names come from the club’s Premier players in case you didn’t know), two year 6s, Steyn and McConnochie, one Under 12 girls, one year 7 Premier side that played in the challenging afternoon ACA competition, and two year 8 sides, Green and Gold who played eight games pre-Xmas, before heading off to College to join their school teams.

All the coaches spoke of the great support they had among parents, who helped with managing, umpiring and scoring. Hard ball is where things all get trickier, more competitive and also more exciting and the passion of the coaches and other parents goes a long way towards getting 11 players on the field each week to enjoy the game we love.

We look forward to an influx next year and remember … we REALLY need a junior operations director this season. We will be putting role descriptions on the website in the next few weeks. But if one or two of you could consider… we could be sure, for example, that next year the overall winners cups ARE handed to them at prizegiving and that all the coaches and managers have an easier life. Interested? Message us on Facebook or email office@birkenheadcricket.co.nz. AGM is held in July.

Thanks to all players, parents and supporters who made this season such fun to be part of. See you back at enrolments in September!

(See midget photos from prizegiving here)

Main team awards (team reports and coaches’ team awards will be posted asap this week)

Year 5 Tulloch

Best Batsman – Samuel Hazeldine 14 games 210 runs
Best Bowler – Samuel Kay 14 games, 16 wickets
Best Allrounder – Jackson Walsh 14 games 351 runs, 13 wickets

(Other awards will be posted on team page later.)

Year 5 Curtling

Best Batsman Alex Godward 443 runs avg 27
Best Bowler Sam Godward 26 wickets avg 9.1
Best Allrounder Everton O’Leary 364 runs avg 26 + 23 wickets avg 9.1

Year 6 Steyn

Best Batsman Jessie Hohaia  13 matches, 361 runs avg 90.25 (9 no), SR 110
Best Bowler
Patrick Faulkner 13 matches 17 wickets b/b 4/18 2 x 4w, SR 15.63 econ 3.39
Most Improved Allrounder Jason Kay 124 runs, 10 wickets b/b 2/28

Year 6 McConnochie

Best Batsman Spike Ruffell 14 matches 202 runs, avg 28.8
Best Bowler Vivek Patel 13 matches, 12 wickets, b/b 3/6 SR 15.58 econ 3.3
Best Allrounder Harry Carter  14 matches, 166 runs, avg 23.71; bowling – 11 wickets b/b 2/21 SR 21.82

Year 7 premier

MVP and best batsman:  Peter Ruffell
314 runs, 3 x 50s,  8 wickets, topped the MVP leaderboard for Birkenhead over the season.
Best bowler:  Joshua Parkinson 10 wickets bb 2/11 avg 21.7
Most Improved Player:  Bradley Walsh
Strong improvement throughout the season – during the final round this leg-spin half of our ‘Spin Twins’ finished top wicket-taker and 3rd in runs.  8 wickets b/b 2/31

(Other awards will be posted on team page later.)

 Year 8 sides October-December 2014

 Awards for the Yr 8 Green team (half season):

Best Batsman – Daniel Shoebridge 5 matches 126 runs HS 53* 4xno
Best Bowler – Chevin Cox 5 matches 7 wickets bb 4/14
Best Allrounder – Oliver MacKessack 5 matches 4 wickets bb 2/17

(Other awards will be posted on team page later.)

 Yr 8 Gold team (half season):

Best Batsman – Alec Bennie 4 matches 76 runs
Best Bowler – Josh Holloway 4 matches, 4 wickets
Best Allrounder – Finn Buick 4 matches 5 wickets, 43 runs

(Other awards will be posted on team page later.)

Under 12 girls BCCC Dragons

Best bowler: Annabel O’Rourke 29 wickets  2 x 5 wicket hauls, 1 x 4 wicket haul, 2 x hat trick
Best batter: Molly Moxley 314 runs  56 x 4s and 12 x 6s. (Also 22 wickets, 1 x 4 wicket haul and 7 catches.)
Best fielder: Rose Moxley 9 catches and 1 RO

Team award: Winners of the Under 12 girls Auckland QuikHit competition

(Dragons full team report will be posted on the website separately, asap.)


Best fielder – Travis Gower  10 catches, 1 Ro, 1 Ro asst
Best bowler – Patrick Faulkner 13 matches 17 wickets b/b 4/18, 2 x 4w, SR 16.41, econ 3.42
Best batsman – Jessie Hohaia 13 matches, 361 runs avg 90.25 (9 no), SR 110
Player of the year – Patrick Faulkner
Batting 13 matches 282 runs, avg 40.29, SR 90 HS 71*
Bowling 17 wickets b/b 4/18, 2 x 4w, SR 16.41, econ 3.42