CricHQ scoring returns for 2016-2017 season

Going back to CricHQ for 2016-2017 seasoncrichq

Many people who used CricHQ and loved its live scoring feature will be pleased with this news from Auckland Cricket:

Auckland Cricket’s Community Cricket Manager Adrian Dale writes:

Last season Auckland Cricket decided to move its competition management system to Results Vault. In conjunction with this we also offered the RTS Scoring app that synched with their competition management system. We made this decision on the basis that CricHQ was struggling to meet our competition management needs and that overall Results Vault could provide a better solution.

Over the course of the 2015/16 season their competition management system operated extremely well but their scoring app had numerous issues. Auckland Cricket was committed to continuing to work hard with Results Vault to ensure that their scoring app was improved significantly in terms of performance and stability for the coming season. However we were recently informed by Results Vault that they are now developing their own app (RTS was built by a third party developer) which will be launched for the 16/17 season.

Having  put our clubs and scorers through the growing pains of two scoring apps already, we were not prepared to do so again and began to look closely at whether a move back to CricHQ was feasible. Having done considerable research we are satisfied that their competition management systems are now significantly advanced from where they were 18 months ago and that with the continued reliability and stability of their scoring app, CricHQ presents us with the best overall solution.

It has never been our intention to regularly move between providers however the introduction of a new scoring app changed the landscape for us and our clubs to a point where we felt it necessary to make the decision to move once more. We appreciate your assistance in helping players, coaches, administrators and volunteers understand the reasons behind the move back to CricHQ.

We will be working hard with all clubs and volunteers to ensure that the transition is made as smooth as possible, and that all necessary support is provided.   

What this means: Scorers of all games Year 6 and above will need to learn or re-learn CricHQ.

It’s available on both Android and iOS.


Three one-hour sessions now available:

 Oct 19 – Eden Park 7:30pm
In the Bert Sutcliffe Lounge. Entry here is through Gate K (right beside the outdoor nets) and best parking will be in the bus hub (Gate M) located off Sandringham Rd.

Oct 25 – Cornwall Clubrooms 6:30pm

Oct 27 – Takapuna Clubrooms 6:30pm

 In the meantime you can read more about CricHQ here.