BCCC Junior prizegiving 2016

There was a great turnout to the junior prizegiving so thanks to all the players and families who made it. Likewise, the club wants to send its appreciation to all the coaches, managers, scorers, umpires who gave up their time this season. As you know, the club is made up of volunteers and without your help and love of the game, games would never get off the ground. (If as a parent you didn’t get involved this season, but would like to next season – perhaps you were watching and learning in 2015/2016 – we’d love to hear from you for next season.)

Likewise, we really need to grow the junior club next season. We doubled our numbers in the Kiwi and Midget grades but that didn’t happen for the juniors so if you know anyone who needs a bit of encouragement to play, let us know. The good thing is, junior cricket caters for all levels of cricket. When players get to year 7, they can choose to play morning cricket or the more challenging afternoon grade – and get equal enjoyment from both.

We also want to acknowledge all players in all junior teams. While listed below are some of the top performers, coaches tell us that many of the decisions were tough and that on any given day any player could step up and turn a game. There are 11 players in each team and everyone contributes in some form. There were so many “most-improved players” this season that we really look like we could be in for a great season next season. The Year 7 Pacers for example, at the beginning of the season weren’t so sure about themselves, having decided to play morning grade cricket. By the end of the season this team was one of the strongest, most passionate teams you could hope to see and all players had hugely improved their game to the extent that the team made the final.

The Under 12 girls won their pre-Xmas competition and collected their award from the ACA, earning them a promotion to a higher grade.

Players – keep working on your games and we look forward to seeing you and anyone else you’d like to bring to the club, next season.

Big thanks to junior convenor Stacey Nicholas for all her hard work this season. It’s a tough job first season, so we hope we haven’t scared her off for next season. 🙂

Year 5 Vikings    
Best Batsman Harrison Hart
Best Bowler  Jared D’Souza
Best All-rounder  Joshua Wells

Under 12 Girls Dragons



Best Batswoman  Molly Moxley  156 runs
Best Bowler Molly Moxley  17 wickets
Best All-rounder  Rebecca Nicholas  115 runs, 16 wickets

Year 6 Tulloch
Best Batsman Samuel Hazeldine   216 runs
Best Bowler   Tom Beattie
Best All-rounder Jackson Walsh

Year 6 Curtling
Best Batsman Dominic Hawkins  296 runs
Best Bowler Jasper Watson   17 wickets
All-rounder Everton O’Leary


Year 7 Pacers 
Best Batsman Joseph Reid
Best Bowler Joe Fell
Best All-rounder Vivek Patel

Year 7 Premier Strikers
Best Batsman Jessie Hohaia   297 runs
Best Bowler Spike Ruffell   17 wickets
Best All-rounder Travis Gower

Note: The Year 8 team did not complete a season but any milestones are marked below. The Year 9/10 team played T20 pre-Xmas.

Bowling milestones:
Rebecca Nicholas 6/16
Tom Beattie Hat-trick

Batting Milestones
50+ Pat Faulkner 52*, 53*
Joseph Reid 58
Murray Gannaway 53, 52, 51 (Year 8)
Luke Lyndon 120* Year 9/10 pre Xmas T20

Year 7 North Harbour reps: Travis Gower, Spike Ruffell, Jesse Hohaia, Pat Faulkner
Year 6 North Harbour reps: Jasper Watson, Spike Ruffell, Dominic Hawkins, Everton O’Leary, Jackson Walsh

Martin Crowe Memorial Trophy: The Martin Crowe award goes to the junior player who shows good behaviour on the field, accepts decisions, respects their team mates, and has integrity and enthusiasm for the game. The nominations for this award were: Travis Gower, Taine Victor, Ollie Leitner and Navick Chandra.
The winner was: Navick Chandra.



Navick’s nomination: Navick is a highly spirited young player who accepts umpires’ and captain’s decisions. He comes to every game with the spirit of cricket and lifts the team with his positivity, integrity, smiles and his jovial encouraging attitude. He is vocal and totally commited to the game, himself and the team. He shows respect to the team, opposition and umpires and is a good all-round team player. A real credit to the game of cricket.

Best junior bowler: Spike Ruffell
Best junior batsman: Jesse Hohaia



Junior player of the year: Dominic Hawkins



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