4A Match Reports 2015-2016

Photo shows One Day 4A at practice before a game.

November 14 vs University:

They say cricket is a beautiful game, and so it was when we rocked up to Colin Maiden Park. We were greeted to a thing of beauty and every One Day team’s wet dream, an impeccably prepared grass wicket. So after frantically grabbing spikes out of kit bags and vigorous twisting of screws, we were prepared. A pity our captain wasn’t. He arrived late and after one look from a distance at the artificial next to our beautiful wicket, declared we’d have a bat first. And much like a bender the night before, our stunning 10 we were so eager to be next to quickly turned into a 3.

It started badly, Gumbi (Andrew Gale) being dismissed on the 7th ball of an over, and the procession happened. Unprepared at the inconsistent bounce and pace of the wicket, too many shots went in the air, or just not picked up. Credit to our opposition, they wanted to make a game of it and so proceeded to bowl wides almost every second ball, but it wasn’t enough, we were dismissed shortly after the break for a disappointing 93.

Try as we did, it was never a defendable total, Darryl tried valiantly with 3 wickets, Thumper bowled 5 overs, 1 wicket, for 8 runs and got a run-out, and was well supported by Dev, Tim, Hammer and Ganesh. The fielding was outstanding and we made University earn every run, but every run they did eek out, and after a scare at 6 down, the total was reached.

While not an ideal start to the season it has been a great way to build the team. We have enthusiastic players, all wanting a game, so if you are ever short, ever in need, ever left in the lurch, you can contact the 4A team.  – Craig Dyason