2021/2022 AGM Minutes and Financials


Office Bearers 2020/2021 Season

 Patron: Barry Judd

President: Kevin Taylor

Life Members: E Simpson, R Moore, R Seaton, R Montgomery, T Dewar, G Clark,

R Flint, T Henshaw, M Reinholds, K Todd, B Judd, M Clark, D Simmonds, T Napier, C Nicholson, A Parkinson, E Molesworth, D Reid, P Chad, A Shephard, D Mayall, E Osbourne.


Board of Directors 2020/2021 Season

Chairperson                                                                              Andrew Gale

Senior Cricket Director                                                               Oneash Labrooy

Club Development Director SNR-Formal                                     Shaf Asif

Finance Director

Club Development Director – Social                                            Nick Carey

Junior Cricket Director                                                               Nathan Koppens

Club Development Director – Female and Communities               Kunwar Dev

Club Manager                                                                           Juan Le Maitre



Speedy Signs Takapuna                                               Auckland Council

New World Birkenhead                                                 Kaipatiki Local Board

BARFOOT AND THOMPSON Birkenhead                     Auckland Cricket Association

Cricket Express                                                           North Harbour Jnr Cricket

Lion Foundation

Birkenhead Licensing Trust

BCCC extends a sincere appreciation to all members, supporters and helpers for the continuous effort to help uplift and improve Cricket in the community.



At:                                Birkenhead War Memorial Park,

Mahara Avenue, Birkenhead

Date:                           25 July 2021

Time:                           3 pm



  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Confirmation of 2020/2021 AGM minutes
  4. Matters arising from the 2020/2021 AGM minutes
  5. Election of the new board
  6. Chairperson’s and financial report
  7. Auckland Cricket Association report
  8. Matters under general


  • Kevin Taylor


Javeed Ali, Vinay Mahant, Colin Wata, Ryan Moulton, Roger Seaton, Shaf Asif, Manuel Seidel, Paul Rainey, Andrew Parkinson, Ralph Moore, David Reid, Lain Laxon, Nathan Koppens, Melanie Kendrick, Chris Everett, Nick Carey, Craig Dyason, Oneash Labrooy, Kevin van Schalkwyk, Ronak Mahant, Hamesh Prajapati, Dinesh De Silva.


Kevin Taylor welcomes everyone present and mentions that electronic notices were sent out to all members at least 7 days prior to the meeting. Kevin also asked that the apologies be accepted and for the meeting to move forward. Oneash Labrooy seconded the apologies.


Robert Montgomery, Terry McEwen, Peter Newfield, Damian Hagoort, Andrew Taylor, Akash Christian,

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 26 July 2020.

Kevin Taylor moved that the minutes of the 2020 AGM be accepted as true and correct. Seconded by Nathan Koppens.

Matters arising from the 2020 minutes.

There were no matters arising. The board was then disbanded by Kevin Taylor.

New board members were then nominated and seconded and thereby elected.

President: Andrew Gale nominated Kevin Taylor and it was seconded by Craig Dyason.

Chairperson: Kevin Taylor nominated Andrew Gale and it was seconded by Shaf Asif.

Finance Director: Kevin Taylor nominated Vinay Mahant and was seconded by Paul Rainey.

Senior Cricket Director: Kevin Taylor nominated Oneash Labrooy and was seconded by Nathan Koppens.

Junior Cricket Director: Andrew Gale nominated Nathan Koppens and was seconded by Oneash Labrooy.

Patron: Kevin Taylor nominated Barry Judd and was seconded by Nic Carey.

Snr. Club Development Director: Andrew Gale nominated Shaf Asif and was seconded by Oneash Labrooy.

Girls and Community Development Director: Andrew Gale nominated Kunwar Dev and was seconded by Shaf Asif.

Club development Director, Social: Andrew Gale nominated Nick Carey and was seconded by Nathan Koppens.

Chairperson’s report.

Andrew then presented his report for the season as well as the financial report. The signed financials can be seen at the end of the minutes.

Wow, what a fantastic year for BCCC.

We’ve got a good thing going here, we know why and how to keep that going, which is great.

It’s great to reflect on some of our highlights:

  • The most T12 Blast players we’ve seen in a decade
  • A record number of Girls playing in both the T12 Blast and in Auckland wide competitions
  • The Prems making the semi-final of their One Day competition, which was cruelly cancelled due to COVID-19
  • Good numbers of social senior cricketers
  • The continuation of our Parents competition
  • Making it through COVID-19 with only a few financial scars

Our Future and the Clubrooms:

  • Aside from the on-field highlights, the board is very excited about what our new partnership with Tigers will provide the club
  • Having a trust own and look after the building will allow us to focus our time and money on growing cricket while providing for a better clubroom
  • We have received $20,000 funding to get the trust set up, which is happening at the moment

How We Got Here:

A special thank you to the board for their efforts over the last year. We’ve been steadily building up momentum and it’s great to see that come to fruition in what could have been a challenging year.

Our Wonderful Sponsors and Partners:

Speedy Signs Takapuna                                Good Home Birkenhead

Birkenhead New World                                   Inn Field Glenfield

Barfoot and Thompson Birkenhead                Kaipatiki Local Board

Cricket Express                                               Auckland Cricket

Challenges for the Coming Season:

  • The top field will be out for the season
  • We will have to find an overflow home for our growing Superstar Friday night competition
  • We will have to manage practice facilities
  • The Trust taking over ownership of the building will be reducing our income
  • We will need to look at revenue streams that aren’t tied to money over the bar


Manuel Seidel, our Finance Director since 2012, has stepped down after a wonderful tenure

Manuel played a huge role in helping us become a more professionally run club, bringing a great business sense and better processes to our finance


Lastly, we sadly said goodbye to AK, our wonderful Club Manager for the last five years.

With the arrival of little feat, AK decided to focus on his family and change careers, we wish him well

but that has meant we’re super excited to welcome Juan le Maitre into the BCCC family

Juan brings a wealth of cricket club management experience to the role, and we can’t wait to see where he can help take us.

Questions to Andrew Gale from his report:

1, What would happen if the Trust made a profit?

The plan is to have the Trust reinvest all profits back into the clubrooms. Kevin Taylor added that the building and all the upkeep of it will be in the hands of the trust and that things like an entire wall needs to be replaced along with a whole lot more and that all profits will be going into these tasks.

2, Will the Trust be getting a rental fee from Cricket and Rugby?

There will be no rental cost from the Trust to these two sporting codes.

3, Is the Athletics going to be part of the Trust?

The Athletics wanted to buy in with the Tigers in a 33% each proposal but it was rejected by the Tigers as they wanted a 50% ownership in the building. The Athletics will pay a rental fee to the Trust but ultimately getting all three codes to work together and all have an equal share of the building and vote in the Trust will be beneficial to all and is our ultimate plan.

4, What process will be followed to nominate or appoint people onto the Trust?

It will be done in an AGM type process with members voting. The Tigers and Cricket will have equal representation on the Trust with Andrew Gale hoping to be BCCC’s representative. There will be an independent Chairperson.

5, What are the timelines with regards to the Trust taking control of the building and liquor license?

There has been a positive response from Active that will be giving $20k to kickstart the Trust and the legal forming thereof. We are hoping to have it all set-up sooner rather than later.

6, There was a request to have the annual report as well as financials sent to members electronically going forward as well as more communications about club affairs, events, and results.

This was taken on board and Andrew committed to getting this done in the future.

7, How will the club recover the loss of income from rent going forward?

With us attracting new members and the growth seen in recent years we feel confident that we can recover some losses and plan on getting a fundraising committee set up to further help with this.

8, Who do we pay salaries to and for what?

We decided to invest more in the club manager position from 2021 onward and apart from that we pay the Premier coach as well as the Youth coach that spends time at Northcote College.

9, What does subscription include?

Friendly Manager, Xero, Sky, Websites, WiFi and email server hosting.

10, A question arose about the $42k loss and if it was actually lost?

Andrew explained that the funds were just moved forward and will therefore reflect twice on one financial year but will still be paid once per annum.


Kevin Taylor then asked for the accounts to be accepted by the floor and it was seconded by Nathan Koppens.

 Lain Laxon then presented the Auckland Cricket report.

Club AGM Address



  • The clubs are our major stakeholders and delivery partners. This is embedded in everything we do, and our success is based on our relationships with our club network, a fact that was even more prominent in 20/21.
  • We understand the extra burden placed on clubs to deliver cricket in a C19 disrupted season and are grateful to chairs, boards, volunteers, and administrators for going above and beyond to ensure cricket could be delivered.
  • Through collaboration we were able to complete an almost full season which saw 20,000 players partake in competitions across Auckland and nearly 14,000 club members with full CricHQ profiles.
  • This has ensured that we as a network remained relevant, with participant numbers remaining largely unaffected, which has created the foundation to maximise all opportunities for the promotion of cricket moving forward, and we are excited to continue on this journey with you all.
  • The purpose of this address is largely to inform you all about the strategic direction of Auckland Cricket rather than our normal run down of the season, however, if you have any questions on things, I don’t cover please let me know at the conclusion.


  • In addition to C19, a major part of the last 12 months has been the establishment of Auckland Cricket’s new Strategy.
  • The process began in January with a collaborative stakeholder session led by an external expert (David Hansen) that included representatives from clubs, schools and districts amongst others. This session formed the bones of the Strategy which was then refined into a one-page document which will set the blueprint for the future of cricket in Auckland.
  • There was a real focus from the Board that our Strategy would focus on key areas of opportunity, so the outcome is specifically targeted rather than trying to address all areas of our game.
  • Our shared vision which aligns with New Zealand Cricket is ‘a game for all New Zealanders, a game for life’.
  • Under our vision sits our strategic intent which is ‘Build our Home’. Through consultation it was clear that cricket in Auckland needed a home, both in the tangible (bricks and mortar sense) and an emotional sense (a feeling of belonging).
  • To achieve our intent, we have outlined three key action areas:
    • Developing Facilities People Love:
      • From excellent club and community facilities to high performance centres which includes exploring a potential new home for Auckland Cricket.
    • Representing Auckland:
      • We aim to be a highly regarded sport that captures the unique diversity, imagination, and energy of our city. Which includes providing an opportunity for all people in Auckland to engage with cricket, regardless of their background.
    • Learning New Ways of Working Together:
      • Innovate, learn and adapt our approach on how we design, deliver, watch, engage and play our game. This includes new initiatives and working with new partners to continue to evolve to the wants and needs of the population.
  • We have already shared this with Club Chairs and Club Managers and conducted collaborative sessions with both to start to understand what the strategy could help us achieve for Auckland Cricket and cricket in Auckland. Some clubs have also already started using this as the framework for their strategic planning, which we would really encourage.

High Performance Review

  • Another significant piece of work undertaken over the summer was a review of Auckland Cricket’s High-Performance operations.
  • The purpose of the review was to have an objective appraisal of our current environment, what was needed to drive it forward and to fully inform our strategic planning process.
  • To carry this out we engaged an external consultant (Ant Strachan) who undertook a thorough process which lasted over 2 months and included consultation with over 50 key stakeholders, including, clubs, schools, coaches, other sports, other MA’s, NZC etc.
  • The outcomes of the review were shared back with all those involved as well as wide a group of stakeholders as possible. It highlighted a number of areas for Auckland Cricket to work on that affected both the HP environment and the wider organization including creating a strong culture and values, greater communication and collaboration, and the need for an increased focus on TID and coach development.
  • The initial result of the review is the development of a new HP structure that is designed to give us greater alignment and strategic focus that enables a more integrated and connected High Performance Unit within Auckland Cricket but also across our entire network.
  • The structure essentially forms three key pillars (Male, Female and TID/Pathway) which are overseen by the Director of Cricket Performance, who has three direct reports being:
    • Head of Male Performance
    • Head of Female Performance
    • Talent ID and Pathways
  • We are currently working through the process of confirming people in these positions, with Heinrich Malan already having been confirmed as Head of Male Performance.

ICC Cricket World Cup

  • As we work towards better representing Auckland, engagement with women and girls continues to be a major strategic focus.
  • We have a potential catalyst for positive change happening this summer in the form of the ICC Cricket World Cup.
  • We are currently working through initiatives with ICC, NZC, clubs and schools to ensure we can maximise all opportunities that arise and the tournament has a legacy that results in greater engagement with female cricketers and cricket as a whole.
  • Eden Park is hosting a weekend double-header over March 18 and 19, with Australia vs India on the Saturday and the White Ferns taking on England on Sunday.
  • Auckland has a great history with Cricket World Cups, and we want to continue that momentum, but we need your help to fill Eden Park, so please put the dates in your diary and look forward to more exciting initiatives as we move closer to the event.


  • Again, we thank all the people involved with (insert clubs name) and we look forward to an exciting 2021-22.
  • I am happy to take any questions.


Questions for the ACA report.

Questions from the floor:

1, The floor asked why the recent controversy regarding ACA board members resigning was left out of the report and wanted to know what the cause and results were.

Lain Laxon answered that it was not an ideal situation and that it was disconcerting. He mentioned that three members resigned because of their disagreement

with the process followed in the appointment of a high-performance Director. He also added that the ACA is working closely with Club chairs to keep things moving in the right direction until the AGM where new members can be voted in.

2, Lain was asked if it was possible to get a few Black Caps players to engage in grassroots level Cricket for signing sessions or just to be present at some fun days.

Lain explained that the Black Caps are contracted to NZC and that he does not have any say over where they can and can’t go but that he would put in a request.

3, What is the ACA planning to do to help alleviate the pressure on growing local clubs with grounds shortages.

Lain said that they are working with Council to look after the needs of Clubs to ensure they keep up with growth in the game.

4, Will the ACA be looking to diversify their pathways to ensure the player development funnel is set up to reflect its demographic breakdown in Auckland Cricket representation?

Iain explained that diversity is very important to the ACA and that it is always top of mind when considering planning and executing.

Matters under general.

No matters arising.

Kevin Taylor called the meeting closed at 4:26 pm


Latest financials 23 July 21